Whole Body Golf™

Whole Body Golf™ is a teaching method that teaches, through movement, how to adapt the body to the requirements of golf physical and mental basics. It is then that we can effectively teach golf techniques.

Golf is a body and mind sport and we all want and hope to play better than we did before. We also have to remind ourselves that golf is a game that’s supposed to be fun and enjoyable.

When it comes to teaching, it’s important to help people learn rather than to merely following instructions. Allowing people to explore possible solutions is critical aspect of the learning process. This process will strength confidence in the natural ability, and will allow gaining more from instructional lessons when we attend them.

That’s what we do in Whole Body Golf. The process of swing development through our method brings lasting improvement.

What Whole Body Golf teaches?

To adapt the body to the requirements of golf physical and mental basics, I teach and include the following:
  • Feeling – develop a feeling of each movement rather than thinking it. In golf the sense of feeling is far more important than the sense of sight.
  • Rhythm - Learn how to attend to it without forcing it, letting the swing’s rhythm controls itself.
  • Balance and stability. For power, consistency and free movement.
  • Freedom of movement is crucial to become better golf player.
  • Awareness – any change requires first to increase awareness. Increasing awareness into any action brings more feedback, feeling more naturally in your swing.
  • Learning is about change. Each person discovers and learns new ways of using his/her entire self, understanding the movement rather than memorizing it.
  • Effortless swing – we teach movements that make the swing effortlessly with powerful rather than powerfully with effort.
  • Breaking old habits and retraining the nervous system to help ease of movement.
  • Pain/injury – learn to prevent injuries, to cope and reduce pain, and to heal from an injury without quit playing
  • Visualization – Successful athletes use visualization as a means of training as well as competing.

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